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About Erika Hastings

Breathing in God and pouring it out through my fingertips

For me, art has always been a form of spiritual connection. It is the place where my spirit meets the unknown realms and dances with the heavens. 

When I paint, I first connect with the spiritual world, ask what needs to flow out through my fingertips and let the process flow and move me. It is a deeply engaging process and heals me while I paint. 

My art training has spanned over many years at universities, with artists that I love, throughout latin america, and experimenting with various media. Art is a forever changing process that grows and changes as I transform my own inner life. It is self-reflective and a meditational journey.

What I most love about sharing my art with others is the healing impact that it can have on a space and consequently on the people that engage and surround that place. All art emits energy, but art that has been infused with a spiritual energy holds tremendous power to heal others. It radiates a frequency that when placed in a room, can instantly transform everything and everyone around it.