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Singing sweet songs of love and beauty, this is the essence of joy that pervades each brush stroke and colored line that sweeps across the canvas.


The birds are frolicking as I dance across the land with the sun in my hair. I feel the warmth of gratitude and love for each and every being on this planet.


The love filled air, thick with paint and the smell of roses, is my gift to you.


The sweetness of the melody that is heard beyond the stars, this is what shines from heart of original work.


The joy of light and color oozing from every crevice of handcrafted art is how the world heals through art.


The divine energies, glistening through the gleaming rays, is what turns this work into a healing treasure.



Sweet Words from Buyers

Erika finds beauty in all things and paints them in colors that don’t otherwise exist.


Her work is the most beautiful balance of whimsical and profound, ethereal and grounded, blissful and powerful.


She utilizes perspective and spacing like no one else I’ve ever experienced, and in the delicately blended spaces in-between, she breathes a magical life of its own.


Bringing her work into your home brings an overwhelming sense of joy with it, along with meaningful conversations and connections for years to come.

Neda Ferdowsi Brown, Hospital Administrative Coodinator

We had our eyes on Erika’s work for years and ever since getting our hands on our two favourite pieces of hers, they have hung prominently in our home.


We love the vibrancy and the movement.


They bring ‘awe’ to our walls and inspire conversation with our children. 


Thank you Erika, for “The Bullfighter” and “Awe”. They have been amongst the most permanent fixtures in our home.

Tobin and Sarah Smith, Photography Entrepreneurs

One of my favourite pieces of art is my painting, Floating Lotus, by Erika Hastings. I have had this wonderful painting in my home for the last 6 or 7 years. Before that I would admire it any time I was in Erika’s house. I


have always felt a sense of peace when I look at it. I feel like I could be one of the lily pads sitting in the water. The use of bright colours also gives me a sense of ease.


In my previous apartment, this painting was the first thing you would see when you walked through the front door – it would make me feel happy I was home, and was often admired by visitors. Now it lives in my living room, where I can admire it any time I want to –


I find myself drawn to it when I need to be centred. It brings me more joy than any other object in my home.

Jemima Fitz-Gerald, Nurse

Erika’s art is compelling.


Her fearless use of bold, diverse and vibrant colors is an invitation, peaking my curiosity to see the subject matter as extraordinary and other-wordly.


Like a scientist uses a microscope to study something more carefully, Erika’s microscope is color.

Barb Imlach, Counselor


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