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Art Show in Richmond this Saturday

After taking a break from painting for the last year, when I came back to it I decided to try some new painting techniques. The painting is much lighter than what I used paint, but I wanted it to have an ethereal glow to it. So instead of painting with a dark undercoat (a layer of darker paint underneath the painting) as I usually do, I left it white and kept the colors light. I have included a step by step process for this painting called, Light is Everywhere.

Art Show in Richmond

October 29, 2019. 1-4pm.

Brighouse Library Atrium. 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC.

Live music, refreshments and some other fabulous artists including Carole Evans, Brian Simons and Edward Epp.

This painting, Light is Everywhere, is in celebration of the Bicentenary of Birth of the Báb. The raven coming through the light symbolizes change, renewal and the ability to carry the ethereal light from the spiritual world across the planet to share with others.

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