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Felt Paper Dolls

This week was my felt paper dolls week. I got a whole bunch of felt from the dollar store and have been cutting all week. Isabela got the cutting bug too and has been making all sorts of things to add the felt paper doll collection. The amazing thing is that so was so motivated to cut with me that she figured out by herself how to actually use the scissors with one hand (she used to do it with two). And cutting felt is a lot harder than cutting paper. Seems like the proper motivation can help teach any new skill.

Here are Isabela and Diego in the castle:

Chris and I:

The whole felt doll family:

Juliet, Olee and Shane swimming:

A fruit tree and some animals:

First I designed the images that I wanted on paper, cut them out, then held them on top of the felt as I cut them out. I got a few design ideas from “The Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls” by Julie Collings, which I don’t actually own yet, but hope to.

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