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Happy Ayyam-i-Ha!

We LOVE Ayyam-i-Ha (pronounced: Ah-YAHM-ee-hah), a special time of year for the Baha’is where we show hospitality, service, generosity and thankfulness.

Juliet and I inherited the gorgeous Ayyam-i-Ha banners that my mother made about 25 years ago, and we divided them up. I don’t know how, but I lucked out with this 5 pocket Ayyam-i-Ha banner.


Each day we put a small present inside the pocket along with a clue that leads them on a treasure hunt throughout the house toward another present in the end.

I just heard that when my brother-in-law, Shane, was growing up, his parents would put their clues underneath their pillows at night when they slept and so he would wake up at 4am and run through the house on his treasure hunt.


And alongside the pocket banner was the Ayyam-i-Ha countdown calendar that I made last month. Juliet also made a beautiful Safari-theme calendar, since Olee is quite in love with animals.

Since I lucked out with the pocket banner, Juliet took to making a new one this year for herself. She is amazing.


The top banner was one of my Mom’s. And all the ones that follow are my Mother’s amazing craftwork.




“SERVICE” tree


We also started a new tradition this year with a Thankfulness Tree and a Service Tree.

On the THANKFULNESS tree each day we write something that we’re thankful for on a leaf and tape it on.

And on the SERVICE tree we write down how we showed helpfulness to others that day.

This has been a wonderful exercise for the family, reminding us of our blessings and also being conscious of helping others.


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