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If My House Were a Bathtub – Painting

If my house were a bathtub

it would always be filled to the brim

with deliciously hot water.

Warm and relaxed,

I would float on my back

and look up at the stars.

My ears would fill with water,

dulling out the sharp sounds.

Calm. Quiet. Silence.

If my house were a bathtub

I would bring in the dirt

just to wash it away.

I would be free from heavy roles and expectations.

The weight of the world on my shoulders

would slip down the drain.

I would be as light as a feather

and as free as a duck –

to float, swim or fly.

I would be free to be me.

If my house were a bathtub.


This painting and poem is from a series of four black and white watercolor paintings. The first painting is “Mama Bear”, the second is “If My House Were a Couch”, this is the third and the fourth is, “If My House Were a Campfire.”

#art #bathroom #clawfoot #illustration #poetry #poem #Painting #blackandwhite #bathtub #watercolor #bath

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