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My Little Skunk – Painting

Every night I go for a walk after the kids are asleep and at least 3 times a week I bump into “my little skunk” along the way. One time I was about a foot away from the skunk before I noticed him. My heart started beating like crazy and I slowly backed away from him.

Since he’s become a regular in my life these days, I decided to look up a little more about skunk symbolism to see what message I am supposed to learn from him.

It turns out that a skunk is in fact the ultimate pacifist. He has to be very sure before he uses his defensive stink spray because it can take him up to a week to replenish his juices. He is confident, calm, self-assured and does no harm (except for a little stink).

My little skunk is reminding myself to centre myself into a calm, peaceful state.


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