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Nurturing Creativity – Painting for an e-book by FIMBY

I am so excited to announce a new e-book written by Renee Tougas of FIMBY – Fun in My Back Yard. This is the painting that I made for the cover of her book entitled: “Nurturing Creativity: A Guide for Busy Moms.”

Finding time for creativity in my new life as a busy mom is a topic that is dear to my heart and I was so excited to work with Renee.

I actually “met” Renee online a year and a half ago when I found her blog, loved it, and wrote her out of the blue for some homeschooling advice. I was completely trying to decide whether or not to make a huge life-altering commitment to homeschool and unfortunately I didn’t know anyone else who was doing it. Renee wrote me an incredibly heart-warming and reassuring email that lifted away a lot of my fears and gave me a good direction on where to look for more ideas.

Renee said to me, “If I were you Erika, I’d listen to my confident intuitive side.”

That is a great line. And great advice.

So when Renee wrote me about an e-book she was writing and asked if I would paint the cover of it, I jumped up and said, “YES!”


When I read this e-book it felt like a pair are large warm arms were wrapped around me in an embrace. This book feels like a hug. A great big, “You can do it! It’s so hard to create, but as a mother you are already doing it, and you are amazing!” kind of hug.

Finding the time and energy for creativity has been one of my biggest challenges since becoming a mother and was the biggest obstacle I had to overcome when I decided to homeschool. I really wanted long chunks of time where I could work on my art by myself.

In her book, Renee talks about how to nurture your creativity WITH YOUR CHILDREN AROUND. This is a profound concept because I didn’t even realize this was possible until I saw her doing it in action on her blog.

The great thing about this e-book is that it can help us see the creativity all around us that we didn’t even know we were doing and find other ways to bring creativity into our daily life.

One of my favorite sections was on “Letting Go of Perfection” where Renee says, “I am a recovering perfectionist, learning to love life, right now, as it is, while still working towards my goals.”

Her section on “Schedule It” spoke to me as well because a lot of times it just comes down to that. Schedule it and creativity pours out. Don’t schedule it and the TV, house cleaning or some other errand comes in the way.

Describing her book Renee said,

I wrote this book to encourage you in making time for creativity in your life as a busy mom.”

“For moms who are cooking meals and cleaning toilets. Moms who orchestrate family life and chauffeur kids to their activities. Moms who stay at home, work outside the home, work at home. Heck, we all work! Moms who are knee deep in raising babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school aged kids. For moms who do all this (and more) and want to grow creatively also.”

“For moms who want to bloom. Or as Erika’s painting illustrates – moms who want to fly.”

I hope you all get a chance to read her e-book which comes in a downloadble pdf, kindle or epub format. She is selling it for only $3.00 here – what a deal! – and also generously giving away a copy to someone on this blog.


One copy of Renee Tougas’ e-book:  “Nurturing Creativity: A Guide of Busy Moms”

Contest Rules:

  1. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog so I can enter your name in the contest (sorry, to make it fair, only comments on the blog, not facebook or twitter, will be entered.)

  2. On March 28th I will draw a name from a hat and announce the winner.

  3. Renee will email you copy of the the e-book.

  4. Enjoy!

You can also buy a print or greeting card of this painting here.


March 28, 2012 UPDATE:

Thank you to all those who entered the giveaway! The contest is now closed.

I picked a name at random out of a hat and the winner is Charity Hofert! Congratulations! I will send your email to Renee and she will send you the e-book.

I hope you all get a chance to read it as well! Warmly, Erika


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