Photo Tutorial: Stained glass giraffe mosaic

This is a photo tutorial. For a detailed written mosaic tutorial, see my previous mosaic tutorial in the side links.

1. Shopping at IKEA.

2. Painting the wood.

3. Designing the image (I cut a giraffe out of paper and traced it on twice on to the mirror frame).

4. Scoring (cutting) the stained glass.

5. Snapping (breaking) the stained glass.

6. Arranging the stained glass.

7. Glueing the stained glass.

8. Giraffes completed. On to the background.

9. Background’s completed. Time to mix the grout.

10. Spreading the grout. (Careful not to scratch the stained glass).

11. Grout is complete.

12. Let dry for about an hour, then sponge off gently.

13. Wait 24hrs. Polish the glass with your finger, cloth, or paper towel until really shiny. Then it’s finished!

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