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Step Outside of Time

The rhythm

of the authentic, soul-based, inner-grounded life is

slow and unworried.

In it we step outside of time,

outside of the panicked cravings

to achieve,

to overcome,

and to win,

and outside of the desire

to control

ourselves and others.

Here there is time for real learning.

Here we can

trust our children

to grow and to learn at their own pace.

Here we can refuse “the world” and

attend to our souls.

Here we can let go of

an anxious,


mode of parenting

that demands we sacrifice our children’s present

for some vaguely threatening future

in which

they and we will come up short.

And here,

sometimes ironically,

our minds find

fertile ground for new growth.

Quote from Guerilla Learning: How to Give Your Kids a Real Education With or Without School by Grace Llewellyn and Amy Silver (p. 106) [emphasis mine].

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