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When the time comes to make a change

What is the right method, when your soul feels a craving, a deep desire inside of you, to make a leap, take a jump into the wild unknown? The forest is overgrown and the path has disappeared. How do we find our way?

There is only one sure and true way, and that is go deep inside of you, into the place that most fears the change and ask yourself: What is my soul the most hungry for? What am I longing for? Craving for? What would I give myself if I had all of the time in the world, an endless supply of money and a never ending source of energy? What would I be doing right now with my life? What changes would I make?

When you can allow the quiet voice inside of you, your soul whispers, to begin to speak to you, you will find an endless amount of guidance that wants to pour out into your life. Your soul is hungry for change. It is hungry for moving you on to the right path. It desperately wants to tell you.

Let your heart open up to this new form of guidance and trust that whatever you hear and feel is exactly what you need to do. As you do this, your life will open up for you in endless ways and new possibilities will dance on your door step. The jungle path will light up and your true path home, to your self and your inner light, will glow with such brightness that it will instantly and completely heal those around with its brilliance.

Find your path, one whisper at a time.

Sunset in the Woods, 24″x30″. Recently sold at my art show in Squamish.


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