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How to Step Out of Time and Space

Stepping out of time and space may sound like science fiction, but it is something that everyone already knows how to do. The trick is to figure out what you are doing so that you can do more of it. 

Whenever you engage in an activity that takes you out of time and space, you are meditating.

As quantum physics teaches us, time and space are all an illusion. For many of us, we spend the grand majority of our day trapped in this illusion. We race through our mornings and rush to school or work where we race through our work and then rush home in order to collapse in front of the television. We allow time and space to dictate our emotions, fuelled by an addiction to cortisol, the stress hormone.

In order to step out of the addiction to time and space, we need to engage deeply in an activity. The activity will be one that will bring you peacefulness and joy. It will fill you up and leave your soul feeling satiated and at rest.

This meditational space can come from any activity such as: gardening, running, painting, playing music, singing, dancing, swimming, walking, sitting quietly, cooking, building, driving or drawing.

To figure out your meditational activity, close your eyes and think about the last time you felt completely engaged in an activity where you stepped outside of time and space – where hours felt like minutes – and you were full of joy and peacefulness.

  1. What were you doing?

  2. How did it feel?

  3. What happened to the rest of your day or week because of doing that activity?

  4. Is this activity something you can do on a more regular basis?

  5. What do you need to do in order to create the habit of regularly engaging in your meditational activity?

Make a commitment to yourself to let this new habit into your life. It sounds simple, but it can transform your life. 


Photo by Ladies First, with my own edits added.


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